Xylouris White

George Xylouris is my son-in-law. Here’s a little about his recent musical collaboration.

Xylouris White, the unlikely collaboration between Dirty Three drummer Jim White and Cretan lute player George Xylouris, follow-up their sold-out Melbourne club show appearances with a return tour this December.

Xylouris White’s debut album Goats (2014) went to No.1 on the Billboard World Music charts and The Guardian Australia applauded their Sydney Festival 2015 performance, calling it a ‘heavenly union’, the chemistry between ‘Xylouris and White makes for a thrilling musical foray into avant-garde folk.’

‘The pensive joy within Goats stems from two musicians of seemingly disparate backgrounds, communicating together with the tools they know best and as well as anyone else who has ever used them. Here though, with new partners and parameters, they’ve struck upon something challenging, wholly inventive, and rewarding.’ Pitchfork