old fart


old fart

in your eighty-sixth year
you often think in general
about the manner of your death
and who’ll come to your funeral

this then makes you ponder
which organ or body bit
might bring about your death
or make living seem not worth it

say if you’ve got diabetes
which I have in the lesser type 2
your continence becomes an issue
as threats to key organs accrue

the problem is in the treatment
pills attack the organs of waste
and you have to take more pills
so you won’t be disgraced

incontinence is worse of course
if you also lose mobility
worse than that is the chance
of mental instability

as yet there are merely dribbles
of such fearful possibilities
the worst that’s happened so far
is some appearance of senility

and so I tell myself
when all is done and said
better to be an old fart alive
than one of the saintly dead