to begin with some background

in a file beside my desk
I have stuff about sovereign citizens
a loony far right mob
who believe among many conspiracies
that governments propagate grammar
in order to enslave their citizens

another page in the loonfile
features an Australian senator
who hides his identity from authorities
in the manner of sovereign citizens
with  elaborate punctuation around his name
thus “Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts., the living soul”
these hyphens and colons it seems
identify a person as a matter of fact
existing in the “now-time-dimension”

top Citizen David Miller believes
that people don’t have to pay taxes
if they can prove that money is a verb
the reason for this being
that only nouns are real
only nouns have legal authority.
so his sentences are chockablock with nouns

and now to the point

six years ago I wrote
a hundred thousand words
without a full stop
after that I decided on no punctuation
and relied entirely on line breaks
to mark the rhythm of a piece

there’s no ideology here
I don’t fear state control
but I do like to write without sneaky intruders
without the delays of full stops
the hesitations of commas
the equivocations of colons
full and semi
the uncertainties of queries
the lack of control in exclamations
and the standoffishness of quotes

line breaks however
are companions to rhythm
do the work of the rest
and hence are acceptable