Art Travel Guides

There are two – one for France and one for Greece. Well worth the price! (Descriptions from the Amazon web site.)

Art for Travellers  in  France
by Bill Hannan, (Author), Lorna Hannan (Author), Erin Round (Illustrator)

France holds some of the most remarkable and well-known collections of art in the world. This thorough and accessible guide covers every possible epoch, taking travelers on a guided journey through centuries of wonderful paintings, architecture, and sculpture. Concentrating on the great art movements that originated in France, it begins with the cathedrals of the Middle Ages and then moves on to the enormously popular painting of the 19th-century Impressionists and those who followed them.

The French have also collected a great deal of art from other countries. Like the Impressionists’ work, most of these collections are in museums in Paris. In a series of art trails-itineraries that cover the most important works in the country-travelers are taken on a captivating tours of the best in art in France.

Written in a friendly, informative style, it is designed for the traveler who is serious-but not stuffy-about art. Not only does it give specialized coverage of art in France, but it will save the traveler the expense of purchasing numerous gallery guides. The guide features:

  • Coverage of the background of French art and its cultural context
  • Brief biographies of individual artists
  • Expert knowledge presented in a friendly, informative style
  • Details and descriptions of the outstanding pieces at every site
  • Interesting critical descriptions of works and explanations of technical terms
  • Maps highlighting places to visit, including intercity routes
  • Diagrams and drawings

Meeting the needs of a market that has hitherto been ignored, this delightful guide will entertain and inform the seasoned cultural traveler as well as the amateur art buff.

Art for Travellers in Greece
by Lorna Hannan (Author), Bill Hannan  (Author), Dee Hannan (Illustrator)

Thorough, accessible guide with art trail itineraries to some of the world’s most ancient and remarkable collections.